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Medical Weight Loss Specialist

Bellevue Pain and Wellness PLLC

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Losing weight is one of the hardest things we all try to do at one point or another, or constantly, over the years.  Yet you’ve heard it a million times to eat less, calorie count, eat more vegetables, work out or drink more water, go vegan, just eat chocolate, go hungry. We’ve all been there. Our bodies all react differently due to hormones, genetics, and behavioral habits. Medical weight loss is a physician assisted approach which emphasizes wellness in addition to changing the numbers on the scale via a comprehensive plan. If you want to take the next steps in your weight loss journey to help with your pain, contact Dr. Robert Bowers located in Bellevue, WA serving Seattle, WA and the surrounding areas. Call Bellevue Pain and Wellness PLLC to schedule a consultation today.


Our Approach to Medical Weight Loss

Obesity is a nationally recognised chronic disease, and is one the most impactful and widespread in day to day life.  Obesity is generally diagnosed with a BMI of 30 or greater. The The Center for Disease Control (CDC) also sub-classifies Obesity into Class I: BMI 30 to < 35; Class II: BMI 35 to < 40; Class III: BMI 40 or greater. Obesity is characterized by excessive body fat. Body fat is normally stored as reserve energy and is a vital component of our bodies. However excessive fat can be damaging, producing excess strain on the heart, lungs, brain, kidneys and circulatory system.  Excessive weight can also be a contributing factor in chronic pain especially back, hip or joint pain.

Maintaining a certain weight isn’t just about fitting into your favorite pair of jeans. Health and fitness are not just important for self-satisfaction, but also maintaining a healthy BMI between 18-25 is shown to decrease long term risk of many cardiovascular conditions, strokes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, cancer, etc. Even a small weight loss can have exponential benefits to your health.

When you work with our office to help you meet your weight loss goals, you’ll be following a well-thought out regimen that many other patients before you have tried and with which have experienced successful outcomes. You’ll be treated with warmth and compassion throughout as we come up with a customized plan to achieve your goals.

We start with a general history and physical, checking your vitals signs, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. We review any other medical conditions. We will also order labs to get a complete picture. These may include blood count, liver function, thyroid function,and lipids. Then the dreaded weigh-in…Just kidding. You can weigh yourself on our digital scale and then report the number. We will calculate your BMI (body mass index) and then use that information to track your success.


We will discuss nutrition, physical activity, and use of FDA approved weight loss  medications that help in the weight loss process. These strategies can help in achieving and also maintaining weight loss.

At our office, we see our role as helping in that process, by establishing a baseline for your vital signs, weight, blood work, and discussing lifestyle changes. We also know there may be certain medications that can aid in your individual process via mild appetite suppression or reduction of cravings. We employ techniques of cutting edge FDA approved weight loss medications, including the new GLP-1 analogs which are administered at home intramuscularly weekly, such as Wegovy/semaglutide or Saxenda/liraglutide. 


If you’re interested in a weight loss consultation, please give us a call at 425-998-7884 or request an appointment at https://www.bellevuepainwellness.com/contactus


Bellevue Pain and Wellness PLLC is a medical practice in Bellevue Washington, serving patients from Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Tacoma, Everett and beyond. Helmed by double board certified specialist Dr Robert Bowers, we take a customized approach to every single patient that we see in our office. We would be delighted to have a chance to work with motivated patients and help them on their ways to success.