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Epidural Injection Specialist

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Spinal nerve compression or irritation can cause chronic pain in your neck, back, arms, and legs. Epidural injections can help relieve pain associated with spinal nerves. Bellevue Pain and Wellness serving Bellevue, and Seattle, WA specializes in epidural injections. Call today to schedule a consultation with us.

Epidural Injection Q & A

What is an epidural injection?

Epidural injections are a nonsurgical pain management treatment that delivers pain medications directly to your spine. The medications are placed in the epidural space of your spine which contain the spinal nerve roots. When these nerves are pinched or irritated they will commonly radiate pain down your arms or legs.  The medication includes a corticosteroid (steroid), an anesthetic, and saline. The anesthetic provides immediate pain relief while the corticosteroid reduces inflammation and offers long term relief. The saline also aids to flushes away pain mediators in the area that enhance pain signaling.


What conditions benefit from an epidural injection?

Epidural injections may reduce pain in the lower back, legs, neck, and arms. This includes conditions such as:

  • Spinal stenosis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Bone 
  • Bulging Herniated discs
  • Spondylosis
  • Sciatica


Results of epidural injections will vary between patients as the anatomy and physiology of each patient can vary greatly. Epidural injections often greatly relieve pain for a week up to a year depending on the condition. It may also be used for relief of acute pain so that you can focus on healing your body with other treatments like physical therapy.

What happens during an epidural injection?

An epidural injection is done in the office but you can go home the same day. You will lie on your stomach on a procedure table.  Local anesthetic is placed in the injection area to numb the area during the procedure. This procedure should always be done by a specialist who is trained because the epidural space is very tight and to perform the injection safely and effectively requires considerable training and experience. Dr. Robert Bowers is a board certified and fellowship trained specialist who has performed this procedure countless times. 

Dr. Bowers will insert a tiny needle into the epidural space, and check the angle of the needle continuously using live action x-ray imaging called fluoroscopy.  Contrast material may or may not be used to help confirm location. Once the needle position has been confirmed, the combination of medications is injected into the epidural space. The procedure takes about a few mins to complete. 

What happens after an epidural injection?

You will be monitored for a short period and then you can go home. Most people return to normal activities the next day. You may have soreness in the injection site for a few days. Oral medication can be taken if needed for the soreness. Pain relief is immediate due to the anesthetic but the steroid will begin to work within a few days and can take upto a week to see full benefits.

Some people can receive several months up to a year of pain relief from an epidural injection. The procedure can be repeated as the pain returns.

Will my insurance pay for epidural injections?

Most insurances will cover epidural injections. Our staff will work with your insurance company to verify eligibility.

For more information about epidural injections, call the Bellevue Pain and Wellness or request an appointment. We are happy to serve Bellevue, Seattle, Tacoma and the surrounding PNW area.