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A New Year's Resolution to Take Care of You

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Holidays seasons are amazing and memorable time periods in all of our lives. Family gatherings, work parties, good food and companionship. But cold weather, over-eating, and sedentary lifestyle can make us worse off than before. Occasionally, we might even do something physical we wouldn't normally do, like carry something heavy or play too hard or work too much. When we don't focus on our keeping our bodies healthy, over time, we can pay the price. When it's chilly outside, we stay in to keep warm, but we might eat too much or sit for too long. Maybe, we feel back pain or neck pain begin to act up.  Cold temperatures can make arthritis flare and causes our shoulders, hips, or knees to hurt.

Chronic pain patients have a difficult time especially during colder months from all the above. In my experience as a pain management physician, the frosty winter proves a challenge for their painful conditions. With the right attention and treatment, as well as staying active and mindful of painful conditions, I can help my patients maintain functionality and keep perspective. With a little encouragement, patients may remember the warmth of a coming springtime. 

Every New Year celebration, we are reminded to think of what we can do to better ourselves. Exercise is a big focus of most, however injuries are frequent, especially if someone attempts to do too much and too quickly. Consistency is key to success. Allowing our bodies to slowly and gradually regain strength is the safest approach.

For this New Year, how about we take care of ourselves? We first need to understand who we are. When we under our limitations, whether due to back pain or neck pain, or joint pain like arthritis in the hips or knees, we can seek the right treatment and come up with the best plan to regain our health and achieve our common goal of happiness.

Happy New Year to all. May we have the brightest year yet!


About the author: Robert Bowers, MD, is a double board-certified, fellowship-trained anesthesiology and pain medicine physician, practicing at Bellevue Pain and Wellness PLLC, in Bellevue, Washington. Dr. Bowers provides patient-focused treatment plans to address back pain, joint pain, and other chronic pain issues. He considers all aspects of a patient’s health and wellness before creating individualized treatment programs designed to address the underlying cause of pain instead of merely masking the symptoms. Website:

Robert Bowers MD

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